Monday, May 17, 2004


Functions in Microsoft Jet Queries

Functions with Names beginning with M

The MacID and MacScript functions are only used on the Apple Macintosh, and the MIRR and MsgBox functions both failed when used in a query within the Microsoft Access environment. The following SQL statement includes all of the functions with names beginning with M that executed without error within the Microsoft Access environment:

    Mid([TestText],Len([TestText])\2) AS TestMid, 
    Mid$([TestText],Len([TestText])\2) AS TestMidS, 
    MidB([TestText],Len([TestText])\2) AS TestMidB, 
    MidB$([TestText],Len([TestText])\2) AS TestMidBS, 
    Minute(Now()) AS TestMinute, 
    Month(Now()) AS TestMonth, 
    MonthName(Month(Now())) AS TestMonthName 
FROM tblTest;

When executed via JetTest, only the MonthName function failed. The following, then, is the list of functions with names beginning with M that can be added to our list of functions that can be used in Jet queries executed outside of the Microsoft Access environment:

Mid, Mid$, MidB, MidB$, Minute, and Month.

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